Board Members

Serena Barr

Serena Barr
Founder/Executive Director

Serena began working in the nonprofit industry 5 years ago when she found her passion for helping others while working as a Canvasser for various nonprofits & local political causes. Today she works in nonprofit development as the Special Events Coordinator for FamilyWorks Food Banks & Family Resource Center while growing the movement she started, Global Acts of Compassion. Her personal life goal is to teach as many people as she can how important practicing compassion regularly is in order to solve the problems we face in the world today. Through GAC’s programs, her and her team create outlets for people to practice compassion with others to teach acceptance, fight poverty, and positively impact the ecosystem.

Amber Gray

Amber Gray
Marketing Advisor/Volunteer Coordinator

Amber Gray began her career back in 2015 with the simple goal of dedicating her life to helping others. Since then she has received her Bachelors degree in Human Services from Western Washington University and has been involved with a multitude of nonprofits in the Bellingham area including the Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth, Whatcom Family Community Network, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services. She currently works as a youth worker at Northwest Youth Service’s PAD Program, a teen youth shelter in downtown Bellingham, at which she advocates for youth and provides a stable and safe environment for them to work on their goals. Amber has interned and volunteered with a number of organizations throughout her journey in the nonprofit world, but has centered her efforts into providing services for the homeless and at-risk population, particularly youth


Andre Carrao
Program Coordinator

Driven by the desire to improve the quality of life for others, Andre is currently pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector. He holds a BA in both Political Science and History, and plans to use this knowledge to one day promote economic, social and political development on a global scale. Andre has only been with GAC for a short time, but has been actively involved with implementing the Nourishing Neighbors program and is looking forward to watching it flourish throughout the city of Bellingham, and see its way into other cities throughout Washington in time. When not working at his local restaurant, Andre can usually be found playing music with his band, enjoying the fresh outdoors, or reading and relaxing at home.


Jessica Stein
Secretary/Fundraising Coordinator

Jessica has been volunteering with nonprofit organizations for over ten years. She is passionate about educating and spreading awareness of social action programs and working to make a difference in local communities. Jessica founded the Challah for Three Dollahs fundraiser. Volunteers bake fresh challah breads, sell them on Western Washington University’s campus, then donate the proceeds to local charities which have included the Bellingham Food Bank, DVSAS, and Growing Veterans. Because Jessica values equitable education for all, she recently completed a year teaching third grade in an inner city school affiliated with Teach for America. Jessica’s dedication and interest in her community has compelled her to join the board of Global Acts of Compassion to continue making positive changes in the local community.


IMG_6976             Ryan Waldman
             Marketing Advisor

Ryan is the most recent addition to the Global Acts of Compassion team. He has done volunteer work for a variety of non-profits, and recently began applying his graphic design and marketing experience to our cause. He does freelance design work apart from our organization as well. Through his design work, he is helping GAC to brand itself      as well as manage our social media outlets.