Community Free Markets

At our community free markets, attendees are able to take or leave free belongings from a variety of themed booths. Every market has a booth for canned/boxed food to take home, warm food to enjoy at the market, clothing, household items, information about environmental sustainability, childcare items, books, handmade artisan crafts, and hygienic supplies. We also have rotating booths at each event. In the past we have had a back to school booth, a holiday decorations booth, and more. The market is more than just a place to recycle old belongings and receive things you might need for free. It is also a place to cultivate community between the people that go by sharing a day of free, relaxed, family friendly fun.

Community Free Market Schedule:
Past Events

Goals & Purpose:

  • provide attendees with their basic needs for free 
  • serve as an outlet for people to recycle old belongings
  • bring together as many people from different backgrounds as possible in an atmosphere that promotes acceptance to teach attendees to unite with and respect one another as equals
  • educate attendees about the necessity of becoming more environmentally sustainable and provide them with tools that make it easier to do so (compost bins, seed starts, etc.)
  • educate attendees about the necessity of practicing compassion in their daily lives to alleviate the suffering of themselves and others
  • serve as a fun, free event to lift the spirits of people struggling to make end’s meet